InMotion Web Hosting Review

Prices starting from:

$4.89 / mo.

Reg. Price $7.99 – Get 38% Off!
  • Fast SSD drives
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain and free SSL
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

About InMotion

Founded in 2001, In Motion Hosting has quickly positioned itself as a leading web hosting firm that offers dependable performance for small business class web hosting. At the heart of In Motion is the concept of data-center architecture. This enables the company to offer its customers a cost-effective way of delivering a high quality service. By combining a flexible and reliable service with state-of-the-art technology, In Motion has set the standard in small business web hosting. You can expect guaranteed uptime, fast speed, high quality performance, and many additional features such as VPS, Cpanel, dedicated servers, free domain, MySQL, PHP, Java, and more.

InMotion General Info & Hosting Overview

Specification Value
614 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Site Migration
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Advantages of InMotion:

1- SSD drives for all your servers: All InMotion servers are compatible with SSDs (solid state drives) This means faster loading times & faster data recovery

2- Multiple data centers:
When buying your services you can choose the location that best serves you.

3- Excellent Customer service:
InMotion support will deal with all the difficulties you will experience, they have excellent 24/7 support.

InMotion Prices, Hosting Plans:

inmotion plans

Pros & Cons of Using InMotion Hosting


  • Free domain and free SSL
  • Unlimited Disk Space (SSD)
  • Malware protection
  • Free automatic daily backups
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • High renewal prices
  • No CDN is included


As with all other great hosting companies, InMotion has several options in its different plans and hosting packages. The prices vary from Inmotion hosting plan to the next. While most of their plans are in the mid-price point, there are a few select plans which can put the company at the expensive side.

The company has three different plans which include the Inmotion launch plan, shared hosting plan, and the virtual Private server plan. Each plan offers several advantages to customers but does come with some drawbacks as well. For starters, with the shared hosting plan, users are limited to just eight domain names which can only be used for specific keywords or specific subdomains.

With the shared web hosting services, the company cannot make changes to the existing accounts and this means that any changes or updates to the site will require contacting the customer support team. This is where the inmotion hosting plans shine because when a user signs up they have access to the entire control panel and can make any changes or updates to their account anytime. The biggest perk of the Inmotion launch plan is that users have instant access to their account, which means that within five seconds they can be in their administrative dashboard making changes and upgrades that may affect their business. They have full control over the DNS settings on their servers and this allows them to effectively avoid any downtime affecting their sites. One thing that most businesses struggle with is their customer support and this is where the inmotion hosting plans shine.

When it comes to the different features of the company, the two biggest perks that stand out the most are the customer support and the server response time. The in motion hosting plan has one of the lowest response times of all hosting plans in the industry and this seems to fly in the face of the other companies that have mediocre customer support. The company has a twenty-four hour customer support option which is made available to all customers and this seems to go a long way in creating a positive customer base and increasing traffic to their site.

Inmotion also has some really nice tools that they offer that will allow their customers to effectively manage their sites. These include the inmotion hosting control panel that allows their customers full control over their site including FTP, email, and WordPress. They also offer an ssl certificate along with free domain registration, which is just another added bonus. Some of the cons of Inmotion would have to be in regards to the customer support and the server response time because both of these seem to be problems that are unique to this hosting service. This may not be a problem for everyone but it is something to keep in mind.

When trying to decide between inmotion vs siteground in a technical capacity, it may be best to look at both of these companies side by side and decide for yourself. Siteground is probably the best known of the two companies and in the past, has been considered a leader in managed hosting options. They are actually a mid-size company that offers many different options in their control panel which makes them extremely versatile. Inmotion on the other hand, is relatively new and started operations in 2005. They have had a lot of trouble in the beginning because they were in the process of trying to find their footing in the business hosting world.

They still are a relatively new hosting provider and have found their way to success because they offer a great package at an affordable price. They offer a choice between a shared or dedicated server hosting and the price that you pay really does depend on which host you go with. They have two data centers located in Europe, which helps them provide excellent speeds along with reliability. They offer a very high level of security along with all the other great features that you would expect out of a managed hosting plan.

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